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Dogon Ladders

The Dogon are among the oldest surviving African cultures despite the fact that throughout their existence more powerful neighbors have threatened them. For protection, until about 300 years ago the Dogon built their villages near or in sandstone cliffs. They have thusly been nicknamed the Hill, Cliff and Mountain people. In order for tribe members to access their Cliffside homes, ladders, such as the ones displayed, would be utilized. They would lean the ladders against the hill, climb up and enter the home. The ladders are hand carved from a hard wood and like all Dogon art, highly prized. Our hand picked selections are unparalleled! Please note that the price is determined by the height and age of the selection.

Any QUESTIONS please leave a message here at Contact Us!

Dimensions: The average height is 5 1/2 feet. They are available in heights up to 8 feet tall.

Wt: The weight varies with the size. 

Special cost saving shipping will apply. Shipping will not be calculated on this site. It is dependent upon your location and mode of transport required. 

11/26/2015 : Fabulous ladder is in. See below!

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