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Mossi Cloth & Indigo Cloth

The Mossi are the largest ethnic group in Burkina Faso numbering over 6 million. Mossi society developed in the 15th centuries from the fusion of invaders from northern Ghana with local populations. During this time the Mossi developed a powerful and vast empire due mainly to their mastery of the horse. Today the Mossi people, weaving talents are in the forefront of fabric design. Mossi hand-spun, cotton, natural indigo dyed cloth are in heavy demand worldwide. These soft faded cloths also known as wrappers come in a seemingly endless range of blue shades and patterns and are suitable for a variety of uses. Though fashionably new to us indigo cloth weaving is an ancient tradition in the area now inhabited by the Mossi. Several of the original clans include stories of weavers in their myths of origin, and among clans near Guilongou, between Ouagadougou and Kaya, traditions state that the founding ancestor was a weaver who descended to earth on the threads of his wrap carrying a wooden mask!